People seem to cling to the very behavior that incapacitates them and makes them suffer. And people do things that do not seem to make sense.  Behavioral, emotional, and/or psychological symptoms reflect our efforts to manage events in our lives. 


We work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Our approach is client centered, which involves focusing on the needs and involvement of each individual in order to facilitate learning, change, and growth. We also use a systemic perspective to evaluate the role of the individual in their various systems (family, workplace, relationships, etc.) and the effects of those systems on the individual.


We work with:


• Relationship issues

• Children 4 1/2 years of age and older (play therapy)

• Loss and grief

• Depression and anxiety

• Emotional well-being

• Stress and anger management

 Couples counseling

• Life and personal adjustment

• Self-examination and personal growth

• Traumatized children

• Behavioral disorders of children and adolescents

• Individuals, Couples & Families


What color is a chameleon on a mirror?


The process of therapy is a mirroring process between the therapist and the individual(s). It results in continued reflection and change. Individuals must find their own unique ways to express their pain, difficulty, or “stuckness”, and to work through their dis-empowerment or disillusionment.  The process is unique for each and every individual, couple, or family.  




Cindi's fee is $120 per clinical “hour” (55 minutes) to $300 per 60 minute hour for  services associated with attorney/court requests/requirements. I can base the frequency of appointments on your needs and financial concerns, However I recommend weekly appointments for at least the first six sessions in order to build the foundation for a therapeutic relationship.

Jessica offers variable reduced fee options for those without insurance benefits or for those who choose not to use insurance benefits.

Intake Documents:


Intake Form (complete and email to me with copies of the front & back of your insurance card so that I can verify your insurance mental health benefits)

Informed Consent Form (complete and bring to first appointment)

HIPAA Privacy Notice

Authorization to Release Information (complete this form and return to me if you want me to communicate with a third party such as a physician, teacher, etc.)

Background Questionnaire - Child

Pre-Counseling Questionnaire


Cindi is an ANTHEM/ BCBS provider for their HMO/PPO/POS, State Health Benefit plans, DGA plans, and Federal Employee Plans. She is also a provider for most Aetna and CIgna plans. She is an EAP (employee assistance plan) provider for Carebridge, Anthem/BCBS, Aetna & CIgna plans. 


Out-of-network benefits - your health plan may provide some reimbursement to you for use of providers outside of their approved network. Contact your health plan directly for information regarding this. If they do, I will provide a monthly receipt to you that you may submit to them. In these cases, you will be responsible for the full fee at the time of service.

If you are unable to afford my fee, discuss this with me in advance of your first appointment. I have an associate who offers reduced fee services.


Recommended resources


Recommended reading

Psychcentral: mental disorders index 

Sidran institute: info & resources for traumatic stress