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Training & Consultation

I no longer do clinical supervision for LPCs, but I continue to conduct play therapy supervision for individuals seeking their certification.  I am happy to consult as needed.

My approach is person centered and developmental, focusing on the needs of each individual to facilitate learning, competency, and personal growth. I offer play therapy supervision/consultation individually and in pairs for those seeking play therapy registration.


Consultation issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Conceptualization

  • Evaluation and diagnosis

  • Treatment planning and intervention

  • Ethics

  • Self-examination and personal growth

  • Use of self as a therapist

  • Self care (family of origin issues, dealing with life transitions and challenges,

  • Balance between personal and professional life, secondary trauma, integrity)

  • The journey toward certification

Cost: $120 per clinical hour for individual consultation: (60 minutes)   

          $ 50 each per clinical hour for paired consultation (60 minutes)


Use the following links for specific certification/licensure criteria.


Workshops/ presentations and training I have conducted include:

  • Sexuality and sexism in advertising

  • Stress management

  • Stresses of childhood and adolescence

  • Women in counseling

  • Changing roles of women in film & TV

  • Special issues in counseling gays and lesbians

  • Group cohesiveness & basic tasks of the group therapist

  • ADHD in children and adolescents

  • Emotions and well-being

  • Play therapy: it takes a lot of slow to grow (introduction to play therapy)

  • The hardest job you'll ever love (stresses resulting from the birth of twins)

  • Looking for meaning in children's art

  • Sand tray therapy

  • Reactive attachment disorder

  • Gender sensitivity in health care

  • How to communicate effectively with kids

  • Structural model of personality & defense mechanisms

  • A curiosity of the sexes: variables of sex & gender

  • Using play in therapy

  • Understanding metaphor


Training modules range from one hour in-services to two-day introductory workshops in play therapy.



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